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Migrating to Microsoft Intune

As we continue to add and improve upon Intune’s comprehensive feature set, more and more customers have asked us for guidance to help make the migration from their existing mobile device management solution to Intune easier. Customers consistently identify Intune’s tight integration with Azure Active Directory for identity management, Azure RMS for data protection, and its unparalleled management capabilities for Office mobile apps as the primary drivers for their switch to Intune from existing MDM solutions.

To speak to this customer demand, we’re building upon the EMM deployment recommendations we previously posted with some high-level guidance for you to consider when migrating your devices and users to Intune from an existing enterprise mobility management solution. It outlines the basic planning and migration considerations, best practices, and provides links to specific configuration guidance that you can use to get started with a migration to Intune.

This guidance focuses on the main stages of migrating to Intune, including:
•What to consider when getting started
•Setting up Intune
•Configuring Intune
•Piloting Intune
•Migrating users to Intune

This guidance is available now as a download on the Microsoft Gallery page for the Enterprise Client Mobility Docs Team and we hope you find it useful. Please submit any comments or feedback for this guidance in the Q and A section on the Gallery

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